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Archive for June 2021

Is Remote Work A Reasonable Accommodation?

As U.S. cases of COVID-19 continue to fall, a large number of companies are trying to adjust ‘back to normal.’ However, a debate has sprung up about the issue of remote work – having the option has proved beneficial for disabled workers in particular, and many fear that it will disappear upon a “return to…

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Labor Law Violations Can Be Discriminatory

The fields of employment discrimination law and labor law generally require different knowledge, but there will sometimes be instances where the two practice areas might coincide. Employers may engage in discriminatory conduct, or they may commit labor law violations, but sometimes, one will actually create the other. If you believe that you are in this…

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Returning To “Normalcy” After COVID May Pose Problems At Work

South Carolina governor Henry McMaster has taken it upon himself to try and “force people back to work” by ordering state workforce agencies to stop participating in COVID-19-related unemployment benefit programs. In addition, the governor has come out strongly against local mask mandates recently (as he has in the past), arguing that governments should not…

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