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Archive for May 2021

Can An Employer Discriminate Against Me Based On My Criminal Record?

Both South Carolina state law and U.S. federal law contain several anti-discrimination laws, with specific characteristics that may not be used as reasons to discriminate. However, as of this writing, having a criminal record is not a protected characteristic. That means, for the most part, potential landlords and employers can discriminate against a person based…

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What Is A Qui Tam Lawsuit?

A qui tam lawsuit is the legal term for what the average person would call a whistleblower suit. Whistleblowers essentially file a lawsuit on behalf of the government against a company that has allegedly wasted taxpayer dollars. If a person has knowledge of business practices that have defrauded the government, they can “blow the whistle”…

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Spotting Age Discrimination Can Be Difficult

Companies in the United States have been working to “get younger” to remain relevant in an age where markets and technologies evolve very quickly. However, too often, this means that older workers are subjected to unequal or unfair treatment in favor of younger employees. If you’re a worker who has been discriminated against due to…

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Hostile Work Environment Claims Are Subtle

Too often, any workplace that is unpleasant for an employee gets referred to as a hostile work environment. In reality, there are specific criteria that a workplace must meet to legally qualify as a hostile work environment. Jokes and teasing may be unwelcome, but unless they rise to a certain threshold, they don’t give an…

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