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Archive for November 2020

Female Athletic Director Alleges Sex Discrimination In Suit

The Rock Hill School District is under fire after a former female athletic director alleges that she received “unequal and biased treatment” from Northwestern High School. After reporting that she believed she was being treated differently than the district’s male athletic directors, she was fired.  A federal judge ruled in early November that her case…

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Can I Be Fired For Blowing The Whistle?

Employers do not always act ethically. When that happens, the responsibility is on any employee with knowledge of the behavior to call it out, lest they wind up complicit. If you’re in a position where you have information about any inappropriate dealings of your employer, you may be able to inform the government and be…

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What Is Disparate Impact Discrimination?

Most people—and most employers—condemn discrimination when it is overt and intentional. However, there are many different types of discriminatory treatment that can occur with or without any intent to do so. One of the most common types is referred to as disparate impact discrimination, where a facially neutral policy can lead to an unintentionally adverse…

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Is Discrimination Based On Criminal Records Legal?

In 2015, the Brennan Center reported that approximately one-third of the working adult population of the U.S. had some kind of criminal record. Those numbers have risen even since then—but too many employers still engage in practices designed to exclude any potential hire with a criminal record. If you have found yourself in this position,…

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