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Archive for October 2020

What Is A Non-Compete Agreement?

When a person leaves their prior job, they may leave with knowledge or abilities that are unique or otherwise difficult to find in the marketplace. Depending on the industry, an employer may want the employee to sign a non-compete agreement, so that the employee cannot steal trade secrets or clients. Historically, non-competes have been “disfavored”…

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Sexual Harassment In South Carolina Workplaces

Sexual harassment is an unfortunate reality in far too many U.S. workplaces. However, its frequency does not mean that workers who are harassed should simply accept such treatment. It can sometimes be difficult to establish that sexual harassment has taken place, but if it is possible, you may be able to seek redress from your…

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Nurse Fired From Asheville Hospital For Refusing Flu Shot

An Asheville nurse has filed suit against her former employer, CarePartners Rehabilitation Hospital, after she was allegedly fired for refusing to get a flu shot. She was fired in 2016, after a refusal to get a flu vaccine, and filed suit in state court, though the suit was removed to federal court in late 2020.…

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York County Discrimination Suit Settled Out Of Court

On September 9, a sex and age discrimination lawsuit against the York County, SC Sheriff’s Department (YCSO) was dismissed after lawyers for the plaintiff, Crystal Kissel, advised that a settlement had been reached (though as of this writing, the agreement has not been finalized). Kissel had filed suit in 2018 after allegedly being forced out…

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