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Archive for June 2020

Race Discrimination And The Black Lives Matter Movement

Since the murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, the Black Lives Matter Movement has brought race discrimination to the forefront of national consciousness. This has reignited (or created) conversations in the workplace about what constitutes race-based discrimination, how to avoid engaging in this type of behavior, and when to call out discrimination when…

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Prisma Health Employee Files Race & Sex Discrimination Suit

A Black female employee of Prisma Health in Greenville County filed suit against the organization on May 1, alleging race and sex discrimination, as well as retaliation and defamation. Tiara McGee filed suit after her superiors allegedly ignored her allegations of a hostile work environment for two years (since October 2018). It can be difficult…

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Age Discrimination In Your Workplace Is Real

Employment discrimination is sadly too common in U.S. workplaces, with several different axes being used to mistreat people. One of the less-visible—but very real—reasons that some employers use to discriminate is age. Older workers are sometimes treated with less respect than younger ones, with benefits and opportunities being given only to those under a certain…

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How Do I File A Charge With The SC Human Affairs Commission?

If you suspect that you have experienced discrimination on the job, you may want to file an antidiscrimination lawsuit. However, in South Carolina, you may file a charge until you have fulfilled certain other requirements. The very first thing a wronged employee must do, by law, is to file a complaint with the South Carolina…

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