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Archive for April 2020

Accessibility Questions Shed Light On Bias Against Disabled Workers

Ever since the beginning of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, there has been a major shift in time-honored traditions at countless companies—most notably in rules governing working from home. While it’s in everyone’s best interests for employees to be permitted to work from home during a pandemic, it raises some problematic questions going forward for disabled…

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Criminal Background Discrimination In South Carolina

Having a criminal background, no matter how small, is a major issue for many employers. In some situations, an employer may legally refuse to hire someone with a criminal record, but in many others, they may not. If you feel that you have experienced criminal background discrimination in South Carolina, you should be aware that…

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The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is one of the laws designed to give workers certain protections if it becomes necessary for them to take time away from their jobs. However, because FMLA leave does come with certain rules, it can be confusing for the average person to know how to file for leave properly,…

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Layoff Discrimination During Emergency Situations

South Carolina is an at-will state, meaning that generally, people may be laid off from work with no notice, for any reason. There are exceptions to this, all of which have to do with the legality of the reason for the firing. During the recent spread of the COVID-19 viral pandemic, the South Carolina Human…

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