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Archive for February 2020

Discriminated Against Due To Pregnancy In South Carolina?

In May 2018, Governor McMaster signed the South Carolina Pregnancy Accommodations Act, which created sweeping protections for pregnant workers. It requires employers to make “reasonable accommodations” for any medical need relating to pregnancy or a related condition. On the whole, pregnant workers are better protected and less likely to be discriminated against than they were…

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At-Will Employment & Wrongful Termination

South Carolina is one of the many “at-will” employment states in the U.S., which means that a worker can be fired from their position for no particular reason. However, it does not necessarily mean that a worker has no right to seek redress for wrongful termination or other negative employment action that they did not…

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Harassment Claims Against South Carolina Employers

Harassment claims have always been a kind of subjective, difficult claim to pursue against one’s employer. But at the same time, many people on the job wind up being harassed, either by co-workers or supervisors. If you do believe that you are experiencing harassment on the job, it is important that you know you have…

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