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Archive for November 2019

Adult Store Sued Over Alleged Gender Discrimination

Recently, a North Carolina adult store was sued over alleged gender discrimination. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) filed suit in District Court on behalf of Christopher Kilby, against the parent holding company that runs Adam & Eve, a popular chain of adult stores. This may have interesting ramifications for employment law. Gender Discrimination at…

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Spotting Religious Discrimination In The Workplace

Some individual characteristics are very visible to the average person, such as skin color or gender. However, other traits are not as evident, such as religion. This often makes spotting religious discrimination in the workplace much more difficult. If you believe that your religion is being used to discriminate against you, it is a good…

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Distinguishing Harassment From Teasing In The Workplace

In many workplaces, good-natured teasing and joking may go on between employees, or even between employees and supervisors. However, it is very easy for jokes and poking fun to go beyond the pale of what is acceptable. Teasing is not something that is actionable, but harassment is.That being said, you may need assistance distinguishing harassment…

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