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Archive for October 2019

Have I Been Discriminated Against Due To Disability?

The average person thinks that discrimination against the disabled has been outlawed since time immemorial. However, the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) was only passed in 1990, and nearly 30 years later, it is often not enforced. In some cases, it’s even openly ignored. Disabled people simply deserve better—especially in terms of employment, where many…

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Elizabeth Warren Sheds Light On Pregnancy Discrimination

As the 2020 presidential campaign ramps up, stories from the candidates’ pasts are being discussed in the media and evaluated for their truth. In particular, Elizabeth Warren’s story of being fired from her job as a schoolteacher in 1971 after she began to visibly show her pregnancy has raised awareness of the issue that is…

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Supreme Court Hears Three Major Cases On LGBTQ+ Rights

On October 8th, the Supreme Court heard three cases that may have landmark implications for the LGBTQ+ community. Tensions were extremely high as the court heard three consolidated cases regarding discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. While the court’s ruling is not expected until sometime in 2020, it is very relevant for both…

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Blowing The Whistle & Employer Retaliation Claims

Whistleblowers can play a major role in ending corruption in both the public and private sectors. However, whistleblowers can sometimes face unjust retaliation from their employers, and have no idea that they have potential recourse to deal with this unfair treatment. If you have participated in a whistleblower suit or another oversight of your employer,…

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How Do I Spot Racial Discrimination On The Job?

Racial discrimination in the workplace is a real and serious issue. No one should face adverse, or any, employment consequences due to the color of their skin. But, at the same time, it can be difficult to determine what exactly constitutes discrimination. Have you ever asked yourself, “How do I spot racial discrimination on the…

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