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Archive for September 2019

Frequently Asked Questions About Age Discrimination

Age discrimination is one of the less-often talked-about types of discrimination in employment. As a result, it is not necessarily well understood. However, it is very real and can lead to serious problems for older workers and potential hires. If you suspect that you have been discriminated against because of your age, it is important…

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S.C. Attorney General Signs Onto Supreme Court Brief

In late August, South Carolina’s Attorney General, Alan Wilson, signed onto an amicus brief submitted to the Supreme Court in the case of R.G. & G.R. Harris Funeral Homes v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) et al. This case is due to be argued before the Supreme Court during its next term. As of this…

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USERRA & Post-Military Employment Discrimination

The U.S. is divided on several issues in this day and age, including the role of the military in our society. However, regardless of one’s views, discriminating against someone based on their military service, or lack thereof, is considered unethical at best, and under certain federal laws, outright illegal. If you believe that you have…

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Is Pregnancy A Disability?

At first, asking if pregnancy is a disability may seem silly. A disability is defined as a genetic or otherwise inherent condition that affects every aspect of one’s life, while pregnancy is a temporary and voluntary condition. However, legally, pregnancy is commonly seen as a disability because it meets the definition propagated under the relevant…

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