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Archive for May 2019

Medical Marijuana & Disability Discrimination

The use of marijuana for medical purposes is still a relatively new phenomenon. As of this writing, it is only permissible in 33 states, for a handful of purposes. However, as more and more states continue to entertain its use, questions are being raised about the role medical marijuana may have in treating certain disabling…

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Misconceptions About Employee Contracts

In South Carolina, most people are employed under what is called the at-will standard. However, if you are one of those who has signed an employment contract granting you certain things, you cannot simply be fired at-will—or your employer may be open to being sued for breach of contract. Employment contracts confer rights, and any…

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Women Of Color’s Hair & Workplace Discrimination

In general, any form of race discrimination in the workplace is quickly addressed by many employers. But there are always a few who fail to see the proverbial writing on the wall. However, women of color have faced one form of discrimination that is often ignored or even outright disbelieved. There is a continued stereotyping…

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Am I Experiencing Pregnancy Discrimination?

Pregnancy discrimination is one of the most misunderstood types of employment discrimination. While pregnancy is recognized as a temporary disability, and thus is entitled to certain protections under the law, this does not mean that employers cannot take appropriate action if the situation warrants it. If you believe that you are experiencing pregnancy discrimination, it…

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“Covert” Forms Of Racial Discrimination

In the United States, too many people define racism or racial discrimination only in the context of someone doing something outrageous. However, people of color are discriminated against more often by people in positions of power who practice what are called “covert” forms of racism. Just because a racist act is not visible and splashy…

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