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Archive for January 2019

Disparate Impact Discrimination 101

When most people discuss discrimination, they think of active, hostile and open mistreatment of someone based on their race, gender, or other visible characteristic. However, in reality, a large proportion of discrimination incidents are over what is called disparate impact, which is when a policy may not have been written to be discriminatory, but the…

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What Is “Cat’s Paw” Discrimination?

There are multiple ways to discriminate against someone. Some of the most insidious ways are when innocent actors are manipulated into acting in a discriminatory way. This is referred to as ‘cat’s paw’ discrimination, because a ‘cat’s paw’ with no bad intentions is positioned into the bad act, leaving the person with discriminatory intent in…

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What Is Religious Discrimination?

Religion (or the right to have none) is a very personal and serious matter to many in the United States. While the U.S. Constitution protects the free exercise of religion, there are always exceptions to this grant, and perhaps the most visible is in the workplace. Depending on the specific situation, employers are permitted to…

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Employment Discrimination In The Public Sector

While traditionally, government employers are held to higher ethical standards for how they treat their employees, this does not mean that discrimination does not occur in the public sector. If you are a state or federal employee, and you are mistreated, you do have recourse. Here’s what you need to know about employment discrimination the…

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