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Archive for October 2018

Is Mandatory Retirement Legal?

The general trend in today’s job market is toward youth and vitality, rather than age and wisdom. Sometimes, this can put older workers in a difficult position. Some professions have opted to address this issue by requiring workers of a certain age to retire, regardless of health or seniority. In fact, this practice is illegal…

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Guidance Arrives On SC Pregnancy Accommodations Act

The South Carolina Pregnancy Accommodations Act (PAA) was signed into law by Governor McMaster on May 17, 2018. However, until recently, the South Carolina Human Affairs Commission (SCHAC), whose job it is to oversee pregnancy-related employment discrimination claims, had not published guidance governing frequently asked questions and concerns on how the law is to be…

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Myrtle Beach Housekeeping Service Settles Over H2B Discrimination

In late September, a settlement was reached between the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Palmetto Beach Hospitality (PBH), LLC, a Myrtle Beach cleaning service, over their use of temporary foreign workers. This is noteworthy because employers in the United States are required to consider applications from U.S. citizens and residents before they apply for permission…

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