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Archive for June 2018

Understanding Prohibited Personnel Practices

Most employers have the best of intentions, though they may unwittingly run afoul of certain employment laws at some point. Others, however, may deliberately resort to unethical or inappropriate practices to help weed out the job applicants and employees that they do not wish to hire or engage with. In this post, we’ll discuss prohibited…

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Myths About Immigrant Workers Rights

Too often, employers will buy into myths propagated about immigrant workers rights in order to have an excuse to either refuse to hire immigrants or to subtly mistreat immigrant workers they do hire. However, many fall into line with such behavior simply because they are uneducated on the actual requirements of the law. If employers…

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Sex vs Gender Identity in Discrimination Claims

Sex or gender discrimination is sadly common among certain employers, choosing male applicants over qualified females, and in rare cases, the reverse. However, as jurisprudence and society both evolve, an interesting question appears sometimes in sex discrimination cases, especially in the workplace. Where does this leave transgender people, if it addresses their rights at all?

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