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Archive for March 2018

What Is The EEOC?

When you are discriminated against at work, your first stop to address the issue is usually your employer’s human resources department. However, if your concerns still go unaddressed, many people at least consider filing a charge of discrimination at that point. In South Carolina, there are two places one may file such a charge. You…

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Discrimination Against Military Personnel

In this day and age, with passions of all kinds running high, those who are current or former members of the United States military have often been caught in the proverbial political crossfire. This occurs in all walks of life, from social justice to everyday issues like employment. In South Carolina, this can become a…

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What Is Genetic Information Discrimination?

Many people are familiar with the idea of discrimination based on concepts like race, sexual orientation, gender, or disability. However, the idea of genetic information discrimination is much less commonly understood. Nonetheless, it does occur, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) handles hundreds of claims per year. If you suspect you have been victimized…

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Disparate Impact Claims & Racial Discrimination

Nowadays, both employers and employees are well aware that racially discriminatory policies in hiring, firing and any moment in between may be considered unacceptable grounds for a lawsuit. However, many employers do not grasp that not every discriminatory policy is overt. A policy that seems to be racially neutral can, in some cases, be just…

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What Is Retaliatory Discharge, And What Is Your Recourse?

When you engage in activity that is protected by law, or when you refuse to go along with illegal or unethical activity propagated by your employer, that is not grounds for termination in any possible respect. However, sometimes an employer will try to fire an employee that does not toe the company line, so to…

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