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Archive for January 2018

Whistleblower Retaliation And Your Rights

Since the beginning of history, there have been ethical businesses, and there have been businesses that seek to defraud or mislead the public. One of the most common ways to expose unethical or inappropriate corporate conduct in this modern age is for employees to “blow the whistle,” or inform on corrupt practices to the government.…

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Suing For Defamation Of Character In The Workplace

Sometimes, relationships between employers and employees simply go sour, especially when an employee might be on their way out. Both sides can turn ugly and engage in behavior that normally would be beyond the pale – and this can include spreading rumors or other false information about either the employer or employee. Both are potentially…

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Sexual Harassment Claims In The Workplace & Your Rights

In today’s climate, where sexual harassment claims in the workplace are being given more credence than ever before. Indeed, the workplace has been highlighted as a space where many of these episodes occur. While sexual harassment is never okay, it can be especially egregious in the workplace because very often, the victim has little recourse…

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Filing A Wage And Hour Claim In South Carolina

It may seem strange that an employer simply may not pay an employee, for any number of reasons. However, it does occur. If it happens to you, you are not without recourse. It is possible to bring suit against your employer under South Carolina law, and you may be able to get as much as…

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