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Archive for December 2017

Proving National Origin Discrimination

In today’s political climate, it is sadly common to see immigrants and workers of foreign origin being cast as the villain in any number of situations. However, despite popular perception, immigrants have rights, even if they are in the country without documentation. If an employer mistreats you and you believe that it may be due…

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Employment Contract Rights – The Exception To At-Will Hiring

Generally, U.S. workers are familiar with the concept of at-will employment, namely that anyone hired “at will” may be discharged with or without cause. Fewer people are familiar with employment contract, or with the fact that they effectively act as an exception to the at-will doctrine. If you have a written employment contract between you…

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Applying For A Job With A Disability – Know Your Rights

Data released in 2012 show that as many as 1 in 5 people in the United States have some kind of disability. Out of these millions, the majority of them work. However, a significant percentage have extreme difficulty in finding work, often because of their disclosure of disability. Many are unaware that under the Americans…

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The EEOC Charge Process In South Carolina

A person in South Carolina who believes they have been discriminated against by their employer or a person associated with their employer has two major options to resolve the potential issue, and in many situations, they are attempted one after the other. A person usually tries to resolve the issue in-house, and then if such…

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