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Archive for September 2017

What Is An Undue Burden For An Employer?

While many U.S. workers believe that their employer has their best interests at heart – and some are likely correct – in reality, there are many instances where an employer has rights to act to protect the feasibility and profitability of their business. One of the times this is perhaps most obvious is when an…

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What Is An Arbitration Agreement For Employment?

In years past, a case of discrimination against an employee or employees might yield a large verdict, especially if the jury could be made to empathize with the plaintiff’s struggles against their large employer. However, this has become less and less common, for a variety of reasons, not least of all because many employers are…

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Disability Definitions In Different Laws

The colloquial meaning of the word “disabled” is fairly clear. The word refers to someone who, due to some sort of mental, physical or developmental abnormality, cannot perform certain tasks normally expected of someone of the person’s age and cognitive ability. However, in a legal context, disability takes on not just one, but many different…

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