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Archive for July 2017

Undocumented Workers Rights

As one might imagine, undocumented immigrants are not, in theory, supposed to work while in the United States. However, many employers hire them anyway, for a variety of reasons. And many are then surprised when federal and state laws protect their rights on the job. While the state of South Carolina has not as of…

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The Reach of the Equal Pay Act (EPA)

Rightly or wrongly, it is a common perception in the United States that the wage gap is a myth—that in fields where the genders are hired at a roughly equal clip, wages are also roughly equal. In reality, disparity remains. Regardless, even if the genders were always paid equally, there are those who would use…

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Employee Benefits Discrimination Laws

Most of the time, when employment discrimination is discussed, it is on the basis of being unlawfully terminated or not hired due to a suspect characteristic. However, state and federal anti-discrimination laws also cover benefits on the job. Promotions, reassignments, and bonuses, among other workplace events, can be granted or denied based on certain characteristics…

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When Is Age A Bona Fide Occupational Qualification?

When discussing discrimination in the workplace, many people forget that age is a protected classification right along with race, religion, gender and nationality. The South Carolina Human Affairs Law and the federal Title VII both bar any kind of unequal treatment based on age. However, there are exceptions, and one of these is in dealing…

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