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Archive for June 2017

The Role of the EEOC In Discrimination Cases

It is generally common knowledge that when one runs up against issues of employment discrimination, one should consult the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to see if they may be able to make a difference in your case or even handle it completely. Most people do investigate this possibility, but very often they remain confused…

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Religious Accommodation In The Workplace

Most of the time when one discusses accommodations on the job, one is doing so under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA permits disabled workers to seek reasonable accommodations from their employers in order to perform their job more competently. However, there is another ground under which employees may seek reasonable accommodations from…

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Proving A Hostile Work Environment

Describing our jobs as hostile work environments has become almost colloquial, but a truly proving a hostile work environment requires meeting legal benchmarks. Teasing and joking, however unwelcome, do not make a hostile work environment, and yet it can be very difficult to be able to articulate exactly what does. The more evidence you have,…

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FMLA Eligibility & Regulations

Sometimes employees get sick, or their family members get sick. Most employers will understand and make allowances, but sometimes a leave or accommodation that ought to be granted is denied. If you are in this situation, it is a good idea to ensure you understand your rights under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), as…

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Immigrant Workers Rights & Discrimination In The Workplace

Wage and hour law is the subdivision of employment law that governs issues surrounding employees receiving their pay and other benefits. It is not an area of law that the average person has cause to know much about, unless their employer is doing something that is immediately recognizable as unethical or unjust. However, one cross…

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