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Archive for May 2017

Mandatory Arbitration Agreements in Employment

Employees are becoming more aware of the rights they are entitled to when they agree to work for an employer. As such, employers are looking for a different method than a trial in which to adjudicate disputes, given that the judiciary is not always sympathetic to their arguments. Arbitration, which is almost always mandatory nowadays,…

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ADA Reasonable Accommodation & Unreasonable Accommodation

In May 2017, the Denver-based Frontier Airlines was sued by two female flight attendants who alleged that the airline did not provide sufficient maternity leave, nor appropriate facilities in which to pump breast milk. Both women had to take unpaid leave for significant periods of time in order to ensure their newborn children were well…

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Retaliatory Discharge & Termination in South Carolina

While current news and pop culture have familiarized us with the concept of retaliatory discharge and termination, in practice we may not be so able to discern what it actually looks like. This is especially true if we are on the receiving end of such treatment. Confusion and anger can blind us to reality. If…

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Associational Discrimination: Do I Have A Case?

More and more employers, and indeed employees, are repudiating all forms of racism, especially in the workplace—but it still persists. One of the more unusual and hard to prove examples seen in recent years is when an employer discriminates against an employee or potential hire not based on their own race, but on the basis…

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