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Archive for April 2017

Anti-Discrimination Laws – What Is Covered?

In a more humane world, everyone would be protected against discrimination by law. However, under current state and federal laws, there are loopholes that allow companies to opt out of enforcing anti-discrimination laws for their employees. There are many rationales for allowing them to do so, but regardless, the important thing is that you are…

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Mental Health Discrimination at Work

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed in 1990, guaranteeing specific protections to anyone who meets the definition of disabled. However, even those who in theory should be aware, such as human resources personnel, sometimes make mistakes in accommodating and assisting those with mental illnesses. Sometimes, it is even disputed as to whether mental…

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Sexual Harassment At Work – Common Misconceptions

Sexual harassment at work is still a problem in this day and age. In reality, what once used to be overt has gone further underground, and become more subtle. As such, more misconceptions about what constitutes harassment have propagated. It is imperative to be able to distinguish between truth and misinformation. Myth: Only women have…

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Sexual Orientation Discrimination Vs Sex Discrimination

Most people understand that there is a distinct difference between sex and sexual orientation. One is a biological marker of visible characteristics, while the other is an invisible characteristic that many believe to be genetic, though science has not yet proven this. However, sometimes sexual orientation will become a factor in discrimination perpetuated ostensibly on…

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