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Archive for March 2017

Whistleblowing At Work: Action and Retaliation

While loyalty to one’s employer is important, upholding the law is more so. If you wind up in a position where you believe your employer is acting in a manner inconsistent with the relevant law, you may choose to ‘blow the whistle’ for a variety of reasons. If you do, it is a good idea…

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Freedom of Speech at Work & Employment Termination

In March 2017, conservative commentator Tomi Lahren was suspended from her position at The Blaze, a multimedia news network founded by Glenn Beck, allegedly over her support for abortion rights. While some supported Lahren’s view, others called for her firing. As of this writing, no decision has been made, but it nonetheless brings up salient…

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The Pregnancy Discrimination Act & Wrongful Termination

When one hears of sex discrimination, one generally assumes that a woman is being discriminated against simply because they are female. However, this is not always the case. Many times, discrimination will occur because of perceived problems brought about by pregnancy. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act was passed to combat problems where employers either discriminate on…

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The South Carolina Human Affairs Law

Most of the time, when one encounters discrimination at work, their first move beyond speaking to their Human Resources department is usually to look into filing a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). However, there is an intermediate step that may have just as much success in redressing your grievances. It is possible…

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USERRA Rights & Regulations for Civilian Work

There are several military bases in South Carolina, from Fort Jackson in the north to Parris Island near Georgia. As such, it is not uncommon to see discharged military service members living and working in the state, as well as those who remain reservists. However, some employers may not exercise impartiality in hiring discharged service…

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What Is National Origin Discrimination?

In this day and age, it is more important than ever to be well aware of your rights in any given situation, but especially in dealing with your boss or prospective employer. While most employers will comply with antidiscrimination laws, there are some who will either openly or subtly defy them—most often with employees or…

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