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Archive for November 2016

Legal Discrimination in the Workplace

It seems counterintuitive to most U.S. workers that employers are able to discriminate against certain potential hires or employees, but it is in fact the case. While multiple pieces of litigation exist to curtail types of discrimination that focus on immutable characteristics, there are plenty of personality and appearance traits that may be considered legal…

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Discrimination Against Pregnant Women at Work

At the initial passage of the Civil Rights Act, pregnancy was not considered necessary to protect, which led to many women losing their jobs or benefits they had earned simply because they had children. It was not until 1978 that this oversight was remedied, but even today there are questions surrounding discrimination against pregnant women…

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South Carolina At Will Employment

Ideally, no worker would ever be fired from their job without a valid reason. However, this is not necessarily how modern day business works. Employees may be terminated for no apparent reason at all. This is referred to as at-will employment, because it is at the will of the employer. However, despite this seemingly arbitrary…

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Racial Discrimination in The Workplace: Establishing Per Se

Racial discrimination in the workplace is perhaps the most endemic type of discrimination seen in the U.S. today. As a result, several courts have begun to adopt litmus tests, so to speak, to determine when an action constitutes the level of a hostile work environment. The Fourth Circuit, which covers North and South Carolina, has…

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