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Archive for September 2016

Worker’s Rights: Independent Contractors vs. Employees

In today’s economy, more and more employers are eschewing official hiring in favor of bringing on independent contractors, who can be paid less and are not legally entitled to benefits in most situations. Many worker’s rights granted to employees are not given to independent contractors, but some are still preserved, especially if there is an…

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What Is The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act

One relatively recent phenomenon in employment discrimination is attempting to discriminate on the basis of a person’s genetic information, such as family history of disease or information about biological parentage. One might imagine that this sort of discrimination is hard to prove and/or discipline, but there has been some legislation passed to help address the…

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Surviving Summary Judgment in Employment Discrimination Cases

If your employment discrimination case is not settled or mediated by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the South Carolina Human Affairs Commission (SCHAC), you may receive the right to bring suit against your employer, usually in federal court. Successfully doing so, however, is not easy. The burden of proof to survive a motion…

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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Despite belief to the contrary, sexual harassment is a form of discrimination in the workplace, most often carried out against those whose gender or sexuality differs from what is considered to be the norm. This does not change if your workplace is the venue. Both men and women are able to file sexual harassment claims,…

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Workplace Discrimination Under The Radar

  Most of us are raised with the inherent idea that the world should be fair, and many find it a rude awakening when we go into the “real world” and life is simply not fair after all. However, this does not mean that there is never any recourse when something unethical happens. Certain cases…

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