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Archive for February 2016

Facts About At-Will Employment in South Carolina

It is a sadly common misconception that ‘at-will’ employment, as is the norm in most states, means that employers have no accountability toward their employees. This is not the case: the right of at-will employment does not permit employers to act in illegal or unethical ways, at least not without repercussions.

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What is a Qui Tam Lawsuit?

While most employment discrimination suits are brought against private employers, public employers are not immune from being called out on any wrongdoing. This is especially true if federal funds are involved. If you are a public employee and find out that your employer has been engaging in unethical practices, you have legal recourse, and in…

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The Legality of Mandatory Retirement

In today’s high-powered world, it is understood that businesses want only the workers who can give their best. However, it is not permissible to force people out if they fail to meet certain metrics, or if they one day fall into a category believed to be ‘substandard.’ The most common instances of this usually have…

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What Constitutes Employer Retaliation?

Sometimes, employers misbehave. If an employee does something that causes problems or inconveniences for the company, such as protesting a policy, they may face punitive action even if their employment contract allows them to act in the way they did. If an employer acts in a method inconsistent with the law, sometimes an employee will…

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