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Archive for November 2018

Mental Health Accommodations Under The ADA

Mental health diagnoses can be difficult for those who have to deal with them. Some progress is being made in the U.S. as to destigmatizing conditions like depression/anxiety, panic disorder and ADHD. However, it can still be difficult to come out with these diagnoses at work, especially since misinformation persists about them and about the…

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Politics & Potential Pitfalls in the Workplace

The political climate in this day and age is more charged than it has been in decades. This can create problems in the workplace—notably because not everyone’s political opinions will match. While differing opinions are a fact of life, too much disagreement can actually create a hostile work environment. South Carolina law has a few…

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What Is A Wage & Hour Claim?

Everyone who works in the U.S. has certain rights, including a guaranteed minimum wage, a 40-hour work week (and overtime if one works more, unless exempted), and the right to be free from exploitation. However, sometimes these rights do get tested by employers looking to squeeze out a profit, with pay-related claims being among the…

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